Orlando Condo Owners Not Paying HOA Fees, OUC To Cut Service

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 ORLANDO -- Daytona Beach

 Published January 28, 2008


More problems are plaguing a downtown Orlando condominium and the city is getting involved to help.

Eyewitness News learned the Metropolitan at Lake Eola is almost $40,000 past due on its utility bills. The Metropolitan's manager said the homeowners association is $120,000 in debt.

The reason, he said, is that 38-percent of the condo owners are either not paying their HOA fees or they're not paying enough.

Condo Manager Says 38-Percent Of Owners Not Paying HOA Fees

"The core people that care are paying for those that don't and it's not fair," said Ian Stewart, a condo owner.
OUC said it probably won't cut the power, but there's a chance it will shut off the air conditioning to the building. The Mayor's office said city staff is exploring some options like tax breaks to help the building.