HOA dispute results in missing gates, arrests

Article and Video Courtesy of WFTV Channel 9

Published February 11, 2012

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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. —  Two disgruntled homeowners are facing charges, accused of getting someone to remove a gate leading into their neighborhood.

Orange County deputies say they believe the two did it because they were upset with their homeowners association.

The gate was at the entrance to a small community called Bristol Estates, an upscale gated community in the Avalon Park area.

Investigators say that initially the homeowners association thought someone had stolen the gates, but later learned it was part of a plot to get back at the association.


"All they've been doing is harassing us the past few years," said community resident Desislava Gliha.

Gliha says she’s angry at her homeowners association. And, she says, some of that anger stems from the gate.

Gliha says the gate has damaged cars.

In January the homeowners association called sheriff’s investigators to report that someone had stolen the gate.

A local company said the association’s president hired it to remove the gate, and even sent a money order with his signature to pay for the job.

Investigators learned it wasn't actually the president, they say it was disgruntled homeowners Desislava Gliha and her husband John.

"So, you guys went and had the gate removed because of that?” WFTV reporter Jeff Deal asked Desislava Gliha.

“I did not remove any gate. Please stop asking me stupid questions," said Desislava.

Investigators say one way they caught the couple was Desislava Gliha was captured on camera at a Winn-Dixie buying the money order.

The Gliha's were arrested for forgery and grand theft the gate is worth $9,000 dollars.

Desislava Gliha denied any knowledge of the crime, and despite the evidence spelled out by investigators called the whole thing a setup.

"That's not the truth, not the truth. The guy made false complaints and I would like to sue his ass," Desislava Gliha.

The gates were recovered from the scrap yard. They had some damage, but have been put back up.

The Gliha’s both suspects bonded out of jail Friday.