Manatee homeowners say their condos are falling apart

Article and Video Courtesy of ABC ACTION NEWS

By Carson Chambers

Published August 7, 2012

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MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. - The problems started with a leak inside his new condo.


Now Armando Oyola-Delgado lives like he's in a hospital contamination zone.


"It actually is so the mold doesn't cross into here," he said, unzipping a plastic sheet that hangs at the sliding glass doors inside his condo.


But the worst part of it is beyond the curtain on his back deck.

"I went through the floor right there," said Oyola-Delgado pointing upwards where he says he stepped through the ceiling from the 2 nd floor.

Oyola-Delgado bought his home inside Willowbrook in East Manatee County in 2006. He says that leak has ruined his home and the homebuilder, KB Home, is to blame. But his closing contract won't let him sue.

"They'd come out, tear it apart, put it all back together, rainy season, water fall," he explained.

The structural problems are not just Oyola-Delgado’s problem. Manatee County building inspectors spent the day tacking-up warning posters and telling a handful of homeowners parts of their condos are unsafe.

"He said the handrails were not good which means they could give way if someone leaned on them or he said that the decking seemed to be giving a little bit under, you know, walking on it," said John Barnott, Director of Manatee County Building and Development Services.

Teresa Jones says KB homes fixed her leak years ago but complains the latest problems with her neighbors recently cost her a contract on her home.

"People walked away. Yeah, so it's disheartening," she sad.

When we contacted KB Home a spokesperson says the Willowbrook HOA is suing the homebuilder. The HOA President did not return our phone calls.

KB Home also sent ABC Action News a statement: “KB Home is committed to customer satisfaction and has been working diligently to resolve the issues. The Willowbrook Association recently presented KB Home with a claim on behalf of its members and we have worked with the Association to inspect their concerns and look forward to fully and fairly resolving the homeowners’ concerns.”

Tell that to Oyola-Delgado who's still living behind a curtain.

"Buy it back. Sayonara. I'm done with you guys. You're done with me. You're happy. I'm happy. I'm gone. You know, hopefully they don't continue building like this," he said.

The county told Oyola-Delgado he can live at his condo at his own risk. They also say they have a dozen more inspections lined-up for next week.

If you want an inspection, you can call the Manatee County Inspection Division at 941-748-4501 ext. 3874.