Punta Gorda woman upset over condo association's decoration display

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 4, FOX NEWS

By Katie Jones 

Published December 21, 2015



PUNTA GORDA. -- A Punta Gorda woman believes her condo association is treating her unfairly because of her religious beliefs.

Jacqueline Coleman has lived and owned her home in the Fountain Court condominiums for ten years. She said her condo board of directors are now having her ask permission to display her religious decorations. "I would like a Menorah to be placed in the clubhouse along with the Christmas trees and all the other Christmas decorations," Coleman said.

The condo clubhouse is covered in Christmas decorations. Coleman said they are paid for by the association's social committee and are meant for every neighbor in the complex.

She said the committee won't pay for a Menorah even though a nativity scene is set up.

"It makes me feel discriminated against. I feel like only one religion is being represented here and we are a diverse community," Coleman said.

Coleman wants every person living in the complex to be able to celebrate equally no matter their religious beliefs.

"No other religion's light can outshine another, that would be the most important issue. I think that it's important that all religions are represented not just Christianity," Coleman said.


Four in Your Corner has reached out to the condo board president but so far, haven't heard back.