Kristin Glansen pleads not guilty in embezzlement scheme after fleeing to Clearwater
Condo manager accused of embezzling more than $200,000 caught after landlord sees Local 10 News story

Article and Video Courtesy of Local 10 News

By Bob Norman 

Published September 1, 2015



HOLLYWOOD -- condo manager who allegedly embezzled nearly a quarter of a million dollars from a Hollywood Beach homeowners association was in Broward County circuit court for the first time Friday after police said she fled across the state.


Kristin Glansen, 35, pleaded not guilty to the allegation that she stole $228,000 in an embezzlement scheme from The Waterway condominium on Hollywood Beach, where she was entrusted as manager. After her plea, she had no comment as she shielded her face from a Local 10 News camera on her way out of the courtroom.


With a grand theft warrant out for her arrest, Glansen moved across the state to Clearwater, where she rented a home in that city's historic district. After just a couple days in her home, her landlord, who asked that she not be named, became suspicious. The landlord said she did a Google search of Glansen and saw a Local 10 story reporting that Glansen was wanted by police, so she promptly called authorities, who quickly made the arrest.


"I'm glad they caught her," Jorge Quiros said. "I just couldn't believe that she was able to take the money so easily and disappear like that."

Glansen allegedly created a fake company called Willis Homes, which has a very similar name to the condo's actual insurance company, Willis of Florida, and wrote multiple checks to the fake company while letting the condo association's actual insurance lapse, according to court records.


"The scheme was even more troubling when one considers what could have happened in the event of a flood, fire or other disaster," wrote Hollywood police Detective Larry Van Dusseldorp in his probable cause affidavit, adding that there was "overwhelming factual evidence of her guilt."

Attorney Eric Glazer, who is representing the Waterway, said Glansen was given too much freedom in her position running the association.

"This community gave the manager the power to sign checks -- not a good idea," said Glazer, who filed a civil lawsuit against Glansen seeking the return of the money. "She cut the checks basically to Willis or Willis Homes and put it in her very own bank account, making it appear as if insurance bills were getting paid."

Glansen got another surprise Friday morning when she was served with Glazer's civil lawsuit, filed by the association, demanding the return of the money she allegedly stole from The Waterway. Quiros said he wanted more than just the condo association's money back.

"I think she should serve her time in jail for stealing all the money that she did, just like anybody else would," he said.