HOA asks for help in getting squatters out of troubled Tymberskan complex

Article and Video Courtesy of WFTV Channel 9 Orlando

By Steve Barrett

Published July 30, 2015


Residents of a condemned Orlando condominium complex have just two days to move out.
The homeowners association in charge of clearing out the Tymberskan complex on Tuesday asked the Orange County Commission for help.

One of the new leaders of the community was at Tuesday's County Commission meeting to try to start the process of getting help with security and clearing out squatters.

HOA director Lorenzo Pinkston told commissioners that about 90 percent of the residents are squatters and that those occupants have been given until Friday to get out or be charged with trespassing.

The director told commissioners that there is no money to pay for private security or off-duty deputies, and it will be too unsafe for anyone but law enforcement to remove those who defy the order to leave.

"It's not safe because we really don't know who the squatters are. We don't have a lot of documentation for the occupants that are on site. From what some of the residents have said, there are actually people living behind the boarded-up units," Pinkston said. "It's a dangerous and volatile and definitely an unpredictable situation for us to try to clear out the development safely."


Pinkston said he hoped the county can find money for armed officers to help so that Tymberskan can begin a new four-year redevelopment plan.

The Tymberskan community has been known for crime for years, and there are more units boarded up than occupied by residents. Pinkston said that about 20 families are legitimate tenants in the complex.

County leaders said they want to meet about the issue to make for a safe transition.


"Thank you very much for stepping up in the role that you are taking; it's courageous and it's important and please do take care of you safety first," Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs told Pinkston.

"I would love for you to contact my office so we can sit down and see how we can assist the residents there," County Commissioner Victoria Siplin said.

A meeting with the county is unlikely to happen before Friday's deadline, so it appears the deadline will pass without any way for the HOA to force people from the complex.