Judge fumes over shrubbery dispute
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MY FOX Channel 13
Published September 27, 2008

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NEW PORT RICHEY - A Pasco County judge is furious about a bizarre foreclosure fight that has become physical.


The case involves the Beacon Woods East Homeowners' Association and a resident of the neighborhood, George Weber.


"They have totally run-a-muck, these homeowners' associations," Weber said outside the Pasco County Courthouse Friday.


The Beacon Woods East Homeowner's Association accuses Weber of violating deed restrictions, claiming some of his shrubs are too tall.

Weber is not the only one who has found himself in the association's cross hairs over seemingly trivial matters. Renea Snyder has been fighting with the association over a paltry $67.64 annual fee.

"A homeowner's association is basically a government. They get a license [from the state] and they're on their own," said Snyder.


Despite voluminous records obtained by FOX 13 showing Snyder's fee was paid, the association's lawyer sent threatening letters demanding payment. It's that lawyer, Donald Peyton, who may be in the hot seat now.

Last week, Peyton was captured on home video. Weber had his camera rolling as he tried to review documents at the Beacon Woods offices. The tape shows Peyton pushing and shoving Weber, then slamming the door.

"I've been a lawyer for about 14 years, and this is the first act of violence by an attorney I've ever seen," said Greg Seeley, Weber's attorney.

Judge Paul Firmani who's overseeing the dispute - watched the tape Friday. He was incensed.

"The fact that it's gotten to this point, over shrubs is absolutely astonishing," Firmani said. Because of the fight, the documents that were supposed to be available in court Friday were never turned over to Weber's lawyer.

Peyton refused to answer repeated questions from FOX13. When asked what happened on the video tape he simply said "Have a good weekend." Peyton also refused to explain why he was pursuing so many foreclosures in Beacon Woods, he said only "It's not my job."

In the meantime, Weber has filed an assault complaint against Peyton.

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