But homeowner's associations aren't wasting any time - they're in a race against the bank to foreclose first. All it takes is a 30-day past due HOA payment to start the process of a demand letter, then a claim of lien.

"I'm sending out a thousand certified letters a month," Tankel estimated. "And that includes demands, 45-day letters, and lien letters."

Tankel sees his business as a benefit to those who pay their fees on time. And he's not the only one looking on the bright side.

"I see this foreclosure situation as helping everybody," said realtor Enzo Romano. "All this is a repercussion of an over inflated market in 2005-2006, and we're coming down to basics again."

At Exit Realty in Valrico, they're busy planning a tour of dozens of foreclosed properties across Tampa Bay, similar to others offered nationwide. Tours will cost $50, and start on Saturday.

Those working in foreclosures see the negative side of the business, but also call it an opportunity not just for them, but for those who couldn't afford property before.