Metrowest residents outraged at HOA

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By Alexis Brito
Published June 18, 2009

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ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) -- Residents living at the Stonebridge Commons neighborhood in Metrowest are outraged at their homeowner’s association who has allegedly been having resident’s cars towed from their own driveways.


Visitor parking is limited in the community so the HOA decided that homeowners would have to get a sticker on their car to prove they live there. All residents also get two visitor passes for guests.
Residents say even then, their cars are being towed for no reason at all.


FOX 35’s Alexis Brito went to an HOA board member and asked if he thought it 
was excessive to tow people’s cars out of their own driveways. 

“We have rules. They are pointed out near the mailboxes,” the HOA board member said, and 
then drove off.


Homeowners said they are getting the run around and hope to confront the board in a meeting next month. 

Some quotes from the News Report:
"The towing company says they go into the neighborhood when they are called in by one of the members of the HOA board.
Homeowners say members of the HOA board go as far as walk around at night with flashlights to make sure cars are having their residence stickers or visitor pass. The problem has gotten worse in the last six months. Homeowners we talked to estimate 5-10 cars are towed a week!"