HOA names deadbeats

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Published May 5, 2009

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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) -- The HOA at Southpointe Condominiums in Orange County is ratting out all the deadbeats. From the list there are a good three or four that are in my unit that are not paying,” said Thomas Brongo.


He’s lived there for ten years and says he doesn’t miss payments. But some of his neighbors have, so he has to cough up more cash. “Why should everybody that's decent be stuck paying for those holding back?”


There are about 450 units at Southpointe and about 85 of them are past due on their accounts.

“There's approximately $90,000 of unpaid assessments out,” said Malcolm Galvin, HOA attorney.

Galvin says some assessments are sent to a collection agency. “ Theres a handful that are up over $2500.00”

The board recently voted to pass on adding an extra one time assessment fee of $200.00.
“To some the perception is that this is a witch hunt or this is stemming from ill motives and that’s absolutely not the case,” said Galvin.

Thomas says it’s just not fair. “I don’t think anybody should pay for anybody else. Everybody should pay their share of the dues. If they don’t pay their dues, they should be kicked out.”

And those who still don"t pay up, the HOA will begin placing liens on their homes. “Somebody’s home, nobody likes it but one has to consider all of the other members who are digging into their pockets to pay up,” said Malcolm.


If you don’t have the money to pay these you should talk to the HOA and possibly work out a payment plan.