City of Sanford "liens" on neighborhood

Article and Video Courtesy of FOX 35 NEWS, Orlando

By Tom Johnson

Published December 3, 2010


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SANFORD, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - When the roadway on Whippoorwill Ct. started crumbling a couple of years ago, residents knew something had to be done. So they went to the City of Sanford and asked them to take over maintenance. The city said yes, but only if the residents footed half the more than $136,000 bill to completely replace the shoddy street.


Two years later, the work is done and the bills are due. But when the nearly $2800 tabs were sent not every homeowner could pay up. So the city slapped liens on 12 of the 26 houses there. The liens mean the houses cannot be sold, and they will

stay in place until the individual homeowners pay their debt to the city.


So far the city says they've been able to work out payment plans with just about everyone. But until they're completely repaid, Sanford will continue "liening" on the neighborhood.