Is HOA Trying to Hijack Family's Halloween?

Article and Video Courtesy of My FOX Houston

By Ned Hibberd

Published October 29, 2011


HOUSTON - It’s not exactly “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”. One local family says it’s more like “The HOA That’s Trying To Hijack Halloween”.


Every year the Palmer family brightens up their Katy neighborhood with a Halloween light show in their front yard, with synchronized strobes set to music


A sign on the lawn lets spectators know where to tune their car radios, so they can hear the soundtrack.

But this week Meghan Palmer got a “trick” instead of a “treat” when she picked up the mail.

“Yeah, it was a nice ‘courtesy notice,’ is what they titled it, from the Homeowners Association,” she says, “asking us to remove our Halloween light show sign from our yard.”

The HOA says only real estate signs are allowed, under the deed restrictions.

A representative of the Homeowners

Association told FOX 26 that the Palmers’ concerns could have been cleared up if they’d just called in.

The couple admits they didn’t pick up the phone.

“I’m not gonna waste my time,” explains Meghan.

“I really don’t know,” adds her husband Chris. “You can call them but sometimes they pretty much stick to their guns on every issue.”

But it’s the Palmers who aren’t backing down on this one. They say they’re leaving the sign up for another week, and taking it down with the rest of their lights and decorations after Halloween.