Residents: Kendall Homeowner's Association Holds Elections Without Notification

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NBC Channel 6 -- South Florida

Published January 8, 2008


Residents of a South Florida neighborhood are angry after a homeowners association election is held without giving them notice -- something state lawmakers said is happening all over Florida.


Kendall resident Jose Garcia said the assessments in his neighborhood were making him dizzy. So, he decided to run for the association board. However, he completely missed the election.

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Garcia said he was never notified of the vote.


"I've gone to over 35 houses here and nobody received anything either," he said.


Several residents of Sunset Harbour in Kendall had the same story as Garcia.


"Like my other neighbors, too, they didn't receive it," said resident Theresa Hernandez.


Hernandez, like other residents, said she believes the election for the development in the area of 62nd Street and Southwest 128th Avenue was rigged.


"They never do the election in December," Hernandez said. "They are always in January."


Angry homeowners called it a conspiracy. The election was held on Dec. 26 at the office of All Florida Management the company that runs the property.


Garcia and others said they couldn't get a straight answer on what happened.


"Each of them blames each other," Garcia said.


All Florida Management said it mailed out notifications of the elections. The company said 15 to 20 people showed up. Including mail-in ballots, the company said around 135 votes were tallied.


So, the vote will stand, the company said.


However, officials said this is the not the first time residents have complained about an All Florida Management-run property.


State records showed the company has had election problems in the past.


On the Better Business Bureau Web site, All Florida Management received an F for not responding to complaints.


"This is not just happening here, this is much bigger than our development," Garcia said. "This is happening locally in a lot of different areas."

State Rep. Julio Robaina said he agrees with Garcia.


He said he has tried to push legislation so that homeowners associations get regulated much like condominium associations.