Profane video shows sober home owner ripping into resident

Article and Video Courtesy of Palm Beach Post

By Christine Stapleton  

Published November 10, 2015



On an afternoon in March 2014, Rose Purifory, 20 years old and eight months’ pregnant, came home from school and saw her boyfriend and Ken Bailynson in a heated discussion outside the three-bedroom condo her family rented at Green Terrace Condominiums.

She approached and asked what was going on. The next thing she knew, Bailynson was screaming at her, calling her a “nappy whore” and a “crack bitch.”


“For what reason we don’t know,” said Purifory, whose mother and siblings moved shortly after the incident. “You don’t even know me.”

She said she and her family had been the target of so many of Bailynson’s outbursts they began recording them, at the suggestion of a security guard who worked for Bailynson.

The video, which appeared on YouTube but has been taken down, shows Bailynson at Green Terrace on Georgia Avenue off Belvedere Road in West Palm Beach. He’s wearing a casual striped shirt and a teal baseball cap turned backward and is about to get into a $200,000 Bentley convertible.

He points toward the camera and begins his harangue, concluding that Purifory’s baby probably will be born addicted to crack.

Off camera, Purifory tells her boyfriend she’s recording. Her boyfriend explains he doesn’t know how it started, only that he wasn’t saying anything when Bailynson began “rapping at me.”

Hearing them talk, Bailynson stops to repeat his insults. Then he gets in the driver’s seat. The car lurches forward but stops abruptly when Purifory says, “He always leaves when someone starts recording him.”

That brings on a renewed volley from Bailynson, now sitting behind the wheel.

“Who gives a s—-. This is the United States of F—-ing America. If I want to call her a nappy whore, I’ll call her a nappy whore,” Bailynson shouts. “I’ll call her a nappy f—-ing whore. It’s the United F—-ing States. Because you’re a f—-ing crack bitch.”

The video ends abruptly. Purifory said she didn’t know it had been placed on YouTube and didn’t know who put it up.


Purifory, who has no criminal record, and her family moved but they miss the convenience of Green Terrace — a basketball court across the street, an ice cream shop just around the corner and the condo itself.
“I didn’t want to leave there,” said Karina Peralta, Purifory’s mother. “When he started threatening me and my kids — no, we’ve got to go.”