Jupiter Flag Flap Over 

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NEWS CHANNEL 5 -- wptv.com

Reported By: Katie Brace
Photographer: Bob Leak

George Andes, Jupiter's Flag Man," says, "Ahhh, that's a beautiful piece of equipment red, white and blue with stars."

It's what the red, white and blue represents that makes Wednesday even better for George Andres because for him truth, justice and liberty for all was upheld."

George Andres says, "The board has signed off on the lien against my house they signed off on the foreclosure."

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         Published September 13, 2007  




George Andres with his attorney Barry Silver

and "now" Governor Charlie Crist

The fight began in 1999 between the Indian Creek Homeowner's Association and George is over. George gets to fly his American flag from a flagpole and he doesn't have to pay anything.

George Andres says, "I was going to keep flying it anyway."

The HOA tried to foreclose on his house. They tried to make him pay thousands of dollars.

(Looking at book of news clips) Reporter points and says, "From House of Representatives."

Then Governor Jeb Bush and the State Attorney Charlie Crist rallied on his behalf.

George Andes says, "When you see what people will to do to help."

After all the help over the years, the fight is over...at least for George. The HOA agreed to pay George's latest attorney fees, meaning all 96 homes to pay $850...and that could mean a new lawsuit against the HOA that started the flag flap.

Jim Tryon, neighbor, says, I'll probably pay it and see if I can get it back but I think the guy should be able to fly his flag."

And, that's all George wanted to do was to show his patriotic pride. He flies the Flag of Heroes around 9/11 and the American Flag the rest of the year. Many have told George he's a hero for fighting for what he believes in, and now he says, he finally has justice.

George Andres, says, "I think flag is for everyone and I think everyone should love it."

Calls to members of the HOA and their attorney were not returned.