Employee Allegedly Stole Condo Fees To Fix Home, Travel
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Published October 5, 2006

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Thousands In Condo Fees Allegedly Stolen By Bookkeeper


A woman, hired to watch the books, cheated condo owners out of as much as $100,000, New Smyrna Beach police said Wednesday. Investigators said Cheryl Durley was using the condo owners' dues to fix up her own home and take trips.

The Bahamian Club is a secluded, quiet condo development, the kind of place where neighbors know a lot about each other. But, investigators said, one thing they did not know was that for years someone was taking their money from them.

"I heard about some of these things, but I'm really amazed," said resident Phyllis McKean.

McKean didn't know what to make of the list of things police said were paid for on her dime. Items included thousand-dollar computer programs, clothes, DVD players and even a cruise.

Investigators said Durley was hired to manage the accounts of The Bahamian Club in 2002. She was paid a salary, but police said she helped herself to the association's credit card, charging more than $25,000 for personal items. Police also said $68,000 worth of funds are unaccounted for.

Durley was charged with grand larceny and fraud. The report said she created fake checks and receipts to show she paid the condo's taxes and bills. But, police said, she didn't and the condos fell $80,000 behind in payments.

Durley made bond, so Eyewitness News went to her house to talk to her and to see the $700 window shades she allegedly bought on the condo credit card, but she wasn't home.

Residents at The Bahamian Club said each of them had to pay thousands out of their own pockets to clear her debt. They said the condo association is now out of debt thanks to a special assessment on them.

Durley will be arraigned in court later this month.