Elderly Condo Residents May Be Forced From Homes

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  Published June 11, 2007  


Elderly Condo Residents May Be Forced From Homes

(CBS4) LAUDERHILL Residents of a Lauderhill condo complex are concerned they may be out on the street in the next two weeks if mandated repairs are not complete on time by their management company.

Residents of the Manors of Inverrary say the company that manages their property, Pointe Management Services, has received a notice from the county that Building 11 must meet code within the next 10 days or it will be condemned. 

Many of the building's residents are elderly and have complained in the past about mold and roach infestations in their individual units. 

According to them, shortly after Wilma they were charged a monthly "special assessment" to pay for the needed repairs. When the work wasn't done and they questioned the management company about it, they say they were told that money had been stolen by the construction company hired to do the repairs, and the special assessment fees would continue until the work was completed.

Another problem, according to those who live in Building 11, is the condition of the elevators. They say after Wilma, only one elevator was operational, and in the last two weeks even that one has been shut down. They say this condition left many elderly residents virtual prisoners in the own homes. According to them, a call to the elevator company revealed that the management company still owed more than $50-thousand for past work. They say proper repairs on the elevators could not be completed until the building's roof was fixed. Residents say they paid a 'special assessment' to have the roof repairs done more than a year ago and no action has been taken. 

Residents blame the buildings owner and management company for the current condition, and are unsure of where they will go if the building is condemned and they are forced from their homes. 

Officials for the management company say they gave money to contractors who did not complete the work, and now they are forced to ask for more money from owners to complete the required repairs.