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Battle brews in south Charlotte over flying the American flag
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A flag fight is taking place in south Charlotte. 

A family wants to keep their American flag flying high above their house. 

But their homeowner's association is ordering them to take it down or face a fine. 

Everywhere you look in the Mitchell Glen neighborhood you see American flags. But Tom Miron's flag flies much

The homeowners
association wants
the flag to come down. 
higher than all the others. 

The retired U.S. Air Force veteran proudly displays his Old Glory from a 30-foot high flagpole. 

Miron put it up after September 11 to honor those killed in the terrorists attacks. Soon after, that the trouble began. 

“Two months after I put it up I got my first letter that said it was against the covenant and that it had to come down,” said Miron. 

           Tom Miron
According to the Mitchel Glen Homeowners Association rules, flagpoles must be mounted to a home and of a reasonable size. 

Anything else must first be approved by the board. 

“I could see if I were flying a flag that was offensive or if I were flying it in a manner that looked distasteful,”

said Miron. “You know in America you ought to be able to fly the flag the way you want as long as it is respectful.” 

A member of the homeowners associations says it’s not the flag at all. 

“We talked it over and came up with a decision that if we were to allow him to have a 30 foot flagpole in his front yard then there will be nothing in the future to stop anyone else from having a 30 foot flagpole in their front yard,” said Lee Miller. 

Miron refused to give up. Instead, he took to the streets, going door to door asking for his neighbors support. He collected 140 signatures on a petition. 

“I think it's really small potatoes given the situation in the world right now,” said Candace White, neighbor. “If the man wants to fly a flag, I don't have a problem with it one bit.” 

But the board insists rules are rules and starting this week, a $25 a day fine began being assessed on the Mirons. But they know they may soon have to remove the flag. 

“I just can't believe with the country at war that I'm in a battle here in the homeland to fly the flag in my own front yard,” said Miron. 

Miron says he's even received checks in the mail from people offering to help pay the fine if he'll keep the flag flying. 

Support for Charlotte man and his American flag pours in from overseas 

Support for a south Charlotte man and his American flag is pouring in from as far away as overseas. 
Retired U.S. Air Force veteran, Tom Miron, proudly displays his Old Glory from a 30-foot high flagpole. 

The battle continues
over this flag. 
“I put the flag up to support those who died, those who continue to fight and I hope the flag flies for many more years at my house,” said Miron. 

The Mitchell Glen Neighborhood Association thinks his flagpole is too tall. 

The association is fining him $25 a day until he tears it down. 

“It’s a very nice looking flag,” said Miron. “It doesn’t look out of place at all. I had a guy that showed up at my house Saturday and just handed me check and said this is to keep the flag flying.” 

Miron is receiving support from around the world. 

Tuesday he read an e-mail received from soldiers fighting overseas who are supporting him. 

Miron reads a letter
of support from
soldiers overseas.
They plan to send him their own flag to fly on the controversial pole. 
Students wrote letters
to Miron's homeowners
Adults are not the only ones backing Miron’s flag fight. 

A group of Charlotte second graders have launched a letter writing campaign to Miron’s homeowners association. 

Some of the comments included: 

  • “Dear homeowners association, I think you should let Mr. Miron keep his flag” 
  • “I think you should let Miron keep his flag, 
          he loves America and spent his life defending it.” 
  • “Why would you want to take this man’s flag? It is the symbol of our country, the symbol of your country.” 
Miron says he is not going to take down the flag anytime soon. He has contacted an attorney and is preparing to fight. 
He says he is sure he can afford to keep it up for at least another week.
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