Official Statement of the
Community Association Institute
From the CAI WebPages 9 - 25 - 2001

Operation Old Glory!

An Initiative by Community Associations Institute to Encourage the Demonstration of Patriotism and Pride, by Promoting the Flying of American Flags in Community Associations

In recognition of the impact that the terrorist attacks have had on America, CAI has initiated Operation Old Glory! to promote the flying of American flags in community associations. We believe this initiative is important, since it gives citizens a positive way to demonstrate their support for the victims of the attacks and their pride in America.

With the recovery efforts ongoing and the war on terrorism gearing up, the coming weeks will not be easy. We hope that you will join us in doing our part to create an atmosphere of unity and pride, by participating in Operation Old Glory!

We do honor to the stars and stripes as the emblem of our country and the symbol of all that our patriotism means.

We identify the flag with almost everything we hold dear on earth. It represents our peace and security, our civil and political liberty, our freedom of religious worship, our family, our friends, our home. We see it in the great multitude of blessings, of rights and privileges that make up our country. . . — Calvin Coolidge (30th President of the United States)

On September 11, 2001, the United States was rocked to the core by terrorist attacks upon the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, our airlines, American citizens, and citizens from many other nations. The grief, anger, passion, and fear that these horrific events evoked cannot be adequately expressed.

Americans have united to provide support and assistance to the victims and their families, to rebuild New York City, and to eradicate terrorism. This strong resolve has manifested itself in many ways. Public servants have put their lives on the line to search for survivors of these tragedies, Americans have stood in line for hours to give blood, millions of dollars have been donated to relief efforts, and our soldiers stand ready to give their lives to free the American people from the threat of terrorism.

A strong sense of national pride and patriotism permeates America. Citizens are banding together to show their support for the victims and their families, our military, and our country by flying the American flag. The U.S. Congress passed a heartrending concurrent resolution on September 13, 2001, encouraging all Americans to fly the American flag.

Community Associations Institute (CAI) strongly believes that all Americans should have the opportunity to demonstrate their patriotism and support at this time of national crisis. As a result, CAI is asking all community associations to allow residents to support the House Concurrent Resolution 225, by permitting the flying of American flags. For community associations that have rules prohibiting the flying of flags, CAI is asking that you place a six-month moratorium on enforcing those rules.

Download a sample resolution placing a moratorium on the enforcement of prohibitions on flying American flags. Visit the American Legion's Web site for a copy of the concurrent resolution passed by Congress, and the United States Flag Page for etiquette on flying Old Glory. You may also utilize our faxback service by calling 703-836-6904 and requesting document numbers 525 (sample resolution for moratorium), 526 (House Concurrent Resolution 225), and 527 (flag etiquette as found on 

As Thomas Paine so eloquently stated in 1776, "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of men and women." We thank you in advance for your assistance in ensuring that all citizens have the opportunity to demonstrate their patriotism and pride.

This definitely deserves some comments!
By Jan Bergemann ( 9 - 25 - 2001 )
As an explanation for the reader not so informed about these issues:
The CAI ( Community Association Institute ) is officially a trade-organization based in Virginia with many affiliates all over the nation. Despite the fact that they are clearly a trade-organization for the Mandated Property Industry they love to state that they are representing the homeowners. In my view a clear case of misrepresentation with not even 5 % of the membership actually being homeowners - according to their own public info!

Many of the law-suits fought all over the nation have been initiated by CAI lawyers and boards according to my information.
May be that helps you to understand my actual comments !
Even taking it in the spirit intended, isn't it a little late to change the politics? Did our country have to suffer a horrible terrorist attack before the pressure of public opinion made CAI change its opinion? 

Please don't let us forget how many law-suits have been fought between homeowners and CAI boards and attorneys? People lost their homes over this issue! 

And I know here comes the argument : it was against CC&Rs, rules etc. and the law-suits dealt with flag-poles and brackets, not Old Glory! 

Is the CAI now giving people back their homes and money they lost fighting for the right to fly Old Glory? 

And I'm talking in the moment here about HOAs, homeowners' associations with single homes and private lots! 

Why is it always public pressure which makes organizations like CAI cave in, why not just plain common sense? 

Just think about it and may be we can come to the point where we sit together, smoke the peace pipe and talk about reasonable solutions which makes every side of the fence minimum 50% happy. In the moment the score is : industry 100% happy, homeowners and families 90 % unhappy! I guess we have to change that, but hopefully we don't need a terrorist attack each time in order to make a few little steps in the right direction!

Click here to read the media reports about the law-suits !
Please click here to read the political side of this story and the attempts to rectify this obvious WRONG 
Please read our Dispatch regarding this issue!
  You have read the patriotic declaration above, here comes the real deal!

                                 AND THE CAI TAKES IT AWAY !




Whereas, on September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked and destroyed four commercial aircraft, crashing two of them into the World Trade Center in New York City, and crashing another aircraft into the Pentagon outside Washington, D.C.; and

Whereas thousands of innocent people were killed and injured as a result of those attacks, including the passengers and crew of the four aircrafts, workers and visitors in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, rescue workers, and bystanders; and

Whereas, the Congress of the United States has passed a Resolution encouraging every community in the Nation to display the flag of the United States to remember those individuals who have been lost, and to show the solidarity, resolve and strength of the Nation; 

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the Board of Directors of the [Insert name of the Community Association] that:

1.)      For a period of 180 days from the date of this Resolution, no restriction contained in the governing documents prohibiting the display of the American flag shall be enforced against any resident of the [Insert name of the Community Association] to the extent that residents may display one or more portable, removable flags of the United States of reasonable size and shape in the windows or affixed on or near the front door of the unit or on the limited common areas or in certain areas as determined by the Board in the immediate vicinity of his or her unit ; 

2.)      Notwithstanding any provision in the governing documents to the contrary, residents may display one American flag on the following days each year:

Independence Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Veterans’ Day
Presidents Day
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Thanksgiving Day
New Year’s Day
September 11
December 7
Flag Day

3.)    During said 180 day period, the Board reserves the right to impose reasonable restrictions based upon legitimate public safety and property damage concerns.

4.)     The Board reserves the right to extend the period of the moratorium or to propose an amendment to permanently allow the display of the American flag by a vote of the Unit Owners.

5.)     If said moratorium is not extended, this resolution shall expire 180 days from the date hereof and the governing documents shall thereafter control and prevail.

Dated: _______________________________