Flag controversy continues at condo
Article Courtesy of The Huntington Herald
By: Marty Bodwicz, Editor
October 31, 2002

Loretta C. Kichard is pledging to continue to fly the American flag in front of her condo unit and has no intention of paying a fine for demonstrating her patriotic spirit.

A controversy over displaying the Stars and Stripes at the Sunwood Condominiums off Bridgeport Avenue made national headlines last week after the homeowners association implied in a letter it might fine residents $5 a day for flying the flag.
Several personalities from a Hartford radio station, WWYZ-FM, traveled to Shelton last week and collected money to pay the $5 a day fines if they were imposed on Sunwood Condominium owners flying the flag.
An official statement posted this week outside the condo office appears to retract the ban.
"It's terrible," said Kichard. "I can't get over it. I'm very patriotic. They're not going to tell me to take the flag down. I don't intend to move it."
Before the condo association's October meeting, a letter was mailed to all 168-unit owners, outlining when the American flag could be flown in front of their homes.
"The flag of the United States may be displayed on the exterior of a unit on the following days only: President's Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Sept. 11 and Veteran's Day," the letter said.
In addition to Kichard, at least three other condo owners are flying the flag on a regular basis at their Sunwood homes.
Kichard, 79, said she is particularly upset about the flag controversy because her deceased husband, Andrew, fought in World War II, and her son, Andrew Jr., was a Vietnam veteran.
Kichard has lived in the Sunwood condos for 13 years, and except for this controversy, she said she has enjoyed living there and has no intention of moving.
The condo association has not fined the residents flying the American flag.
No one at the condominium office answered the door Monday morning. But there was a written statement posted on the wall outside of the condo office.
"The primary purpose and intent of the notice was to address numerous other aesthetic issues at Sunwood," said association President Paul Lupo in the statement.
"To the extent that flying of the American flag was addressed in the notice, the intention was to specify various holidays upon which unit owners could fly the American flag without prior approval, as per the declaration and by-laws [of the association,]" the statement reads.
Association officials appear to backtrack on the by-laws with the following posted statements:
"Unit owners with association approval who wish to fly the American flag at all times may of course still do so.
"With respect to the American Flag, the intent was to encourage those unit owners who have displayed torn, tattered and faded American flags to replace or remove them. The association strongly encourages residents to display the American Flag with proper care and appropriate respect."

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