Hillsboro man's flag-flying
could land him in court 

September 13, 2002 
In the wake of September 11th, there has been a surge of patriotism, particularly in the form of people displaying flags in car windows, on their homes and in their front yards; however, one Hillsboro man's flag fight may land him in court. 

Outside the Jones Farm subdivision, a tall flag pole with Old Glory hoisted to the top can be seen from a distance.

Cris Dobb's blood runs red, white and blue and as a Hillsboro firefighter and former Navy foreman, he wants to display his patriotism, all waving 25 feet of it in his front yard.

According to the Homeowners Association Guidlines, no flag pole in excess of 6 feet in height may be permanently installed anywhere outside a living unit or any lot.

It's the word "permanently" that is in dispute. Dobbs argues the pole is actually temporary and removeable.