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Announces Launch of New Website

    October 08, 2007


    Company Helps Residents Find Scarce, Private Florida Homeowners Insurance

LAKE WORTH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Home Insurance Buyers Guide, LLC today announced the launch of its new website at www.homeinsurancebuyers.org – a searchable database where homeowners can find private insurance companies still writing new homeowner insurance business in Florida.

The website launch is occurring as insurance companies comply with legislation passed earlier this year in response to huge rate increases, policy cancellations, and a shrinking supply of private homeowners insurance.

“Until now, homeowners have been frustrated by the lack of information available to help them find private companies still writing new homeowner insurance business,” said company President Michael Letcher. “We are excited to be the first to deliver this essential information in one convenient location. Of the 39 companies accepting new business, the Buyers Guide includes some exceptional companies that until now have been hidden behind the agent network. Since a typical agent represents 5-10 companies, homeowners may never learn about up to 20 other companies still writing new business in their county. Working with only one agent dramatically increases the chances of the homeowner ending up with expensive, private insurance or with the state carrier, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.”

The Buyers Guide eliminates this risk by focusing only on companies still accepting new homeowner insurance business in Florida. Homeowners search for companies in their county, use a Buyers Guide Rating© to screen those companies, and visit convenient links to contact agents representing those companies. The Buyers Guide is different because the process starts with the company first – not the agent. Homeowners have saved up to $4,000 per year and found as many as 15 additional insurance company options using this process.

The Buyers Guide is also a community where homeowners provide market intelligence, share policy quotes, rate their satisfaction with their insurance company, and let their legislators know how they feel about insurance availability in their county.

In the future, the Buyers Guide will offer new features in Florida, while expanding to other states also facing a limited supply of private homeowners insurance.

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Home Insurance Buyers Guide, LLC is an independent, unbiased organization helping homeowners locate affordable, private insurance in Florida. For more information visit: www.homeinsurancebuyers.org.


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