S 0004A

Hurricane Preparedness & Property Insurance


An Opinion By Jan Bergemann 
President, Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc. 

Published January 18, 2007


With a vote of 40-0 the Florida Senate passed yesterday a very comprehensive property insurance bill that seems to be very promising for the owners. 


The bill, 180 pages long, deals with many issues that we consumers had asked for in order to give us financial relief from the outrageous insurance premiums we owners are facing! This bill covers a lot of the issues we consumers had asked for. It seems that the Senate sure listened to the public outcry!


Thank you, Senators, for your willingness to put a bipartisan effort into this project!
And a big thank you to our new Governor Charlie Crist, who fought hard for us, the citizens of Florida, as he promised on the campaign trail! This is the kind of bill he seems to be willing to sign into law!


Please see the Bill S 0004 A at: 




It sure is a good start -- and even if Citizens needs some more power to be competitive -- there is still a regular session forthcoming in March, where a lot of the fixes can be applied.

This sure is a good bill -- on first view! We need to take a closer look into the details and will have to see how it will work in daily life!

Our biggest problem now: Florida's House of Representatives!
Their bill is far apart from the Senate bill and the new Speaker Marco Rubio -- and his so-called leadership team -- seem to be still willing to fight against some very consumer-friendly provisions in the Senate bill. 


It takes our efforts to convince the Representatives to approve the Senate bill as is -- and not listen to the lobbyists of the insurance industry. As we have seen in the last few years their statements contained a lot less truth than the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm!


Please write e-mails and call the local district offices of your Representatives and ask them to vote in favor of Senate Bill S 004A.




The Senate did it's job, now it's up to our Representatives to do their job and give us the relief we desperately need!