No More Cherry-picking!


An Opinion By Jan Bergemann 
President, Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc. 

August 25, 2006


After reading the report of the meeting of the Property and Casualty Insurance Reform Committee in Orlando I wasn't sure if I read correctly. But after reading the same statements in different newspapers I was finally convinced that there was nothing wrong with my reading, but there is something seriously wrong with the ideas of certain people who are getting greedier by the day.  


We all know the saying: HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF!

I was born in a city that prides itself that it was part of a group of cities in Europe that created the first insurance for merchant ship owners -- called the HANSE. These cities created an insurance pool that insured merchants against storms -- and PIRATES!
The question Florida's owners have to ask: Who are the PIRATES here? The Insurance Companies?


After reading through lots of proposals and suggestions I think one thing is pretty clear: No more Cherry Picking!


We owners just can't afford that the big insurance companies take off with the big profits from the "good" risks and leave us owners with holding the bag, meaning outrageous insurance premiums that will drive many families out of their homes.
We owners plainly can't compromise any longer  -- we are fighting for our financial survival. And if the insurance companies can't come up with feasible solutions, we, the citizens, have to take the initiative, under the leadership of our elected officials, to create our own insurance -- as did the cities in Europe in the middle ages.

We just can't afford "NICE" any more!