SB 1078
Relating to Water Resources 

S1078    RESOLUTION by Senator Lynn  (Similar S 1202)  
Water Resources; supports continued inclusion of "local sources first"  policy in chapter 373, Florida Statutes, & opposes any amendment to  state's water resource policy which allows, encourages, or promotes  water transfers.  
12/05/03 SENATE Prefiled
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  1                    Senate Resolution No. ____
  2         A resolution supporting the continued inclusion
  3         of a "local sources first" policy in chapter
  4         373, Florida Statutes, and opposing any
  5         amendment to the state's water resource policy
  6         which allows, encourages, or promotes water
  7         transfers.
  9         WHEREAS, Florida's water resources are a natural
10  resource and not a commodity to be sold or transferred to the
11  highest bidder, and
12         WHEREAS, the Florida Senate supports a state "local
13  sources first" policy in state law, and
14         WHEREAS, the Florida Senate recognizes that the
15  continued retention of the local sources first policy is
16  integral to protecting the state's water resources, advancing
17  long-term sustainable water-resource development and supply
18  systems, and preserving the rights and opportunities of local
19  residents to secure and sustain their future prosperity and
20  quality of life through the use and enjoyment of local water
21  resources, and
22         WHEREAS, the Florida Senate supports the fundamental
23  principles of the state's water law which require that a
24  proposed use of water be reasonable and beneficial, not
25  interfere with an existing legal use of water, and be
26  consistent with the public interest, and
27         WHEREAS, the Florida Senate opposes legislation that
28  shifts water-supply allocation from a publicly regulated
29  process to a market-driven process, and
30         WHEREAS, the Florida Senate opposes legislation that
31  undermines a fundamental principle of water law which


 1  establishes a right of use rather than a right of ownership,
 2  and
 3         WHEREAS, the Florida Senate recently learned that the
 4  Florida Council of 100 intends to request a repeal or
 5  modification of chapter 373, Florida Statutes, to eliminate
 6  provisions that establish a policy for using local water
 7  sources first, and
 8         WHEREAS, the Florida Senate wishes to go on record that
 9  such a proposal is ill-considered and will put the state's
10  surface waters and aquifers at risk of irreparable harm for
11  irresponsible short-term gain by limited special-interest
12  groups, and
13         WHEREAS, the Florida Senate believes that any
14  discussion of regional water transfer is premature until
15  minimum flows and levels have been established for all of the
16  state's water resources, NOW, THEREFORE,
18  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
20         That the Florida Senate opposes any modification to
21  chapter 373, Florida Statutes, as it relates to the current
22  "local sources first" policy, and encourages its legislative
23  colleagues and the Governor to oppose a change in this policy.


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