Kissimmee Condo Complex Gets Makeover

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Published December 19, 2009



A Kissimmee condo complex went through a dramatic turnaround.


Eyewitness News first reported in September that the Cascades condos were out of money. The grass was growing tall and the complex's water was almost shut off.


But now families have a nicer place to live. It is a new beginning at Cascades condo complex. The place used to be a dump with a long list of issues.


Back then, Toho Water Authority threatened to turn off the water supply to all 304 units on the property, because of a past due $48,000 bill. Since then, the residents fired their old management firm.


"We've got a new management company now. They've helped us work with our creditors to get everything turned around," resident Lorri Maiorano said.


The new company was able to cut the bill in half, making $10,000 monthly payments while collecting the same HOA fees. Itís also paying the insurance.


"It was very depressing coming to the community," resident Grace Belliard said.



Homeowners like Belliard pitched in and mowed the property themselves and hired a landscaping company to come by every week.


The swimming pool was more like a cesspool. It was brown and dingy, but now it's crystal clear. The fountain is also working again.


Many of the units are in foreclosure, going for between $23,000 and $50,000, but agents say they're starting to see movement because of the improvements.


"It's a bright day here at Cascades, even with the sun behind the clouds," Belliard said.


A third of the condos at Cascades are still in foreclosure.

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