Condo Residents' Water Not Shut Off

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ORLANDO -- Daytona Beach

Published September 21, 2009



The water was still flowing Monday afternoon for nearly 200 families in a Kissimmee condo complex. Toho Water Authority put up a giant lighted sign in the Cascades condo complex last week, warning residents their water would be turned off at noon on Monday because of a $50,000 unpaid water bill.


However, a last minute compromise is keeping the water on. It's good news for the residents of the condo complex.


Many residents were making arraignments to move or find a temporary place to live. It took a $10,000 check to bring them peace of mind.


The Toho Water Authority threatened to turn the water off, because the condo association hasn't paid the water bill in seven months. The water 

bill had climbed to $48,000. The condo association hired a lawyer over the weekend, who was able to make a deal with Toho Water Authority, and they set up a payment plan.


The residents say they are happy they still have running water.


"Thank you God, we're going to have water. For how long, we don't know. They paid $10,000. How are they going to pay it this time?" resident Maria Diaz asked.



The first payment of $10,000 was made around 11:00am Monday morning. The next payment is due on October 15.

The association says they aren't able to pay the water bill because most of the homes are in foreclosure and homeowners aren't paying HOA fees.

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